Dr. Handa對於未來的展望

What have you gained the most in this fellowship program?

Actually this question a bit hard to answer, since all of this training program means a lot for me, teaches a lot. Not only skills and training. Not only knowledge. Or system management. But also about life, about willingness to help others, perfections and professionalism in your expertise. And at last about friendship, how to support each others even though we are from different background and cultures. 

I will join Cleft and Craniofacial Mission in Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital – University of Indonesia, as I already become attending staff in the teaching hospital, based on employee of Ministry of Education.


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羅慧夫基金會每年贊助海外有志來台精進唇顎裂手術的醫療人員來台進修,時間多為幾個月至年餘不等,這位來自印尼雅加達最大的公立醫院-Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital外科醫生,Dr. Siti Handayani 20115月開始來台實習,為期一年的海外訓練,也到了結束的尾聲。

Dr. Handa結束個人報告之後,特別闡述印尼國內的顱顏傷患的造成原因,特別指出印尼人民的交通工具為摩托車,而且超載不戴安全帽的情況普遍,導致顱顏傷患多為車禍造成。藉此也可以說明台灣強制民眾騎機車時使用安全帽的法規。

在會議的尾聲,Dr. Handa特別感性地感謝台灣長庚醫院的指導教授們,在長庚認識來自不同國家的好朋友,還有特別提到羅慧夫基金會贊助海外種子醫生經費到異鄉求學。她承諾自己返國後將會盡最大的努力,將這一年的所學運用在治療印尼顱顏的患者,並幫助Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital顱顏中心更茁壯。最後Dr. Handa提到:催促我回家的唯一理由就是我的家人正在等著我的歸來!大家在一片掌聲當中完成台灣一年的實習課程。

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